Friday, April 21, 2006

People are soooo stupid

Thursday, April 20, 2006
People Are Stupid.
Columbia, SC -- Hardly a day goes by that Ellen Anderson doesn't prepare a few fresh vegetables. But a couple of weeks ago, she opened a bag of potatoes unlike any she'd ever opened before."This was something so unusual. Something I've never seen before."At the bottom of the bag, there was a potato that made her heart jump for joy. "This potato is very, very special because it's (in the shape of) a beautiful heart." Ellen says she picked it up at the place where she usually buys her vegetables, at stand on North Main Street. But she insists there was a lot more working for her that day than just coincidence."Only one person could make this potato like this, and that's God," said Ellen. "I missed choir practice (that night), because I was calling everybody and telling everybody about it." She says it's one veggie that will never meet the edge of her knife in the kitchen. "I will never eat this potato, nobody else will ever eat it."

-People are stupid, don't you think "God" has better things to do than to make a heart shaped potato for this woman to find? I can hear it now... "Hmmm, save people in Kansas from a flood? or.... wait! I got it! I will make a Heart Shaped Potato for someone to find in South Carolina! Yea, that's it! High Five Gabriel!"
By the way, the potato will rot, you might as well eat it Dummy!


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